Losing You Was The Worst Pain I’ve Ever Felt


You’re the first person who’s ever really broken my heart
They say it takes twice as long as you were with someone for you to get over them But this heartache seems never ending,
And forever painful

I think it takes twice as long as you loved them to unlove them
and then after you unlove them you can unwind your sad mind­
but my sad mind fell in love with your hazel eyes, big smile, and musical mind

(And this process definitely takes longer if you can’t unlove them; if you aren’t really sure how)

It’s the worst pain I think I’ve ever felt
No, it is the worst pain I’ve ever felt

I had a dream about you last night
Where the stars opened up and we lived in a desert
There was one drop of water left on the planet and I gave it to you
And you took it
And I died
And that’s it
I wasn’t sad
I wasn’t happy
I didn’t question my decision
I just did it
I just gave you the last drop of water on this barren earth so you could live

Because your life seems valuable, pure, special, and worth living
I gave you the last drop on earth because if my love isn’t what you want Then this world is cruel and mean and sad
And you can have the last drop of water on this earth
Maybe that will quench your thirst

And maybe my mind can finally sleep
On that bumpy ride through the desert, in a hearse