Love A Girl Who Is A Little Bit Insane


Love a girl who has been disenchanted with love. Because she will see you for who you really are, and not the Prince Charming and knight-in-shining-armor she dreamt of as a little girl.

She understands the way the world works, and the way the heart breaks, and knows that real life relationships aren’t fairytales. She has grown up and realized that the perfect man does not exist; that in deciding to be with someone, she also has to deal with the entirety of that person – the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly.

She will challenge you to be better, but can still accept you as you are, even with your scars, and that is the most honest love you could ever ask for.

She won’t be delusional – at least not all the time. She won’t be afraid of trying with you and making mistakes, because she already expects them. To her, experiential learning has become the best leverage for personal growth, and pain is part and parcel of life.

She will be ready for your shortcomings, the arguments, the struggle, the hurt, the disappointment, the loneliness, the mess, and the BS, because she has gone through plenty of that already, but has survived, stronger, and unscathed.

Even at your worst, you will be no match for her tenacity, and you will be no threat to her being, because already she knows who she is and what she wants, and what she wants is you – all of you.

She will call you out when you are being an ass, and will put you in your place if necessary, but won’t give up on you no matter how hard things get, because of the worth of you and her together.

Love a girl who is willing to face your demons with you, or even alone. It means she has been brave enough to discover and conquer hers already. She can persevere on her own, yet chooses to be with you. Why? She can’t even explain it. She’s infuriating, hard-headed, and stubborn, too. All she knows is she will rise to the challenge of loving you. She will meet you more than halfway, perhaps persistently going the distance more than you will sometimes deserve or event want. You will meet very few like her, so don’t let her go. If you do, you will subconsciously or intentionally look for her in every person you meet thereafter, but you will never find her, only bits and pieces – mere substitutes for the real thing.

Love a girl who is a little bit insane. She will get your blood running, make you mad, make you confused, and will force you to see and question things differently, especially those things about yourself. Be with a girl who is passionate and chaotic; it’s going to be worth it – life will never get dull and boring ever again. She is an adventure all on her own, one that will willingly be with you and make you feel alive to the end of your days.