Love Holds No Distance


Don’t give up. You can give up on certain things but not love. She will break your heart. You’ll learn. Then you will fall in love again. Then she will break your heart. You’ll learn more. Then you’ll meet someone else. Maybe she will break your heart too but maybe she won’t. Doesn’t matter. Be open. Have regrets. Fuck regrets HAVE HEART. Fall in love. Fall hard. Remember it all. If she wants you-you will know. Some people are meant to be in your life and some are not. Love isn’t supposed to be a fantasy. It’s time and patience and mistakes and regrets and pain and worthiness and holiness and it deserves you just as much as you deserve it and it’s meant to be on a pedestal. In a museum in a gold fucking frame. Love is art. And she is the god damn sculptor.

Love holds no distance no matter how far apart you are.

But passion is pain. So how bad do you want it? If you want someone you let them know. Don’t be afraid to hit her with a 2AM text because she should know just the sound of her voice can drive a man insane. Her name in big bold letters clouding your head and ringing in your ears should make you weak in the knees and make a motherfucker pass out. Her laugh should make you cry. You’re a grown ass man, why are you crying? That’s passion. That’s joy. That’s the light when the room is dark. That’s sound when it gets silent. That’s a lion’s roar. That’s a summertime bee sting in a California flower garden. That should be your everything. Do you wait for it or do you go after it? You chase that shit and you hunt it down. That’s vision. You’ll find it and you’ll catch it again one day. Hopefully.

Yeah, hopefully one day you can look back at all these experiences and all these stories and all these words and these songs and poems and smells and you think god damn what the fuck kind of love brought me here in this freezing ass kitchen and you’re holding your crazy ass cat and you’re going to think all that shaped you and you’ll be okay and it’ll be corny as fuck to even write this shit but time will heal you. Days will go by. Focus on yourself. Lift stronger. Run further. Rip that scab. Watch it bleed. It will heal. Embrace the scar. It will fade but it won’t go away. That’s fine. You’re a fucking warrior. It looks cool anyway.

But make mistakes and learn and if she gets cold feet over it all, you dip your hands in boiling water and rub them corny ass feet of hers and try to work it out. But if she walks away you let her. Walk behind her and be ready if she comes back. But don’t be afraid to love again. You’ll learn. Look up at the stars. They will always be there for you. You’ll be okay. You’ll be fine. You’ll be okay.

You will be okay.