Love Is A Choice


Every single choice we make, no matter what it is about, has the opportunity to be made from a state of love.

Which is where—love is a choice, is based from.

Love being a choice doesn’t mean, necessarily, about our romantic choices in whom we wish to love, it can and is integrated into every little choice we have the delight in making.

Love is a very personal journey for each of us and our ability to choose love will be based on how deeply, within, we have been able to meet and choose love for ourselves.

Self-love is always a choice and a choice that will determine how deeply and how frequently we are able to choose love, when faced with making a decision.

Every decision we make, presents us with a chance to choose love.

If we are choosing love, we are choosing the highest form of healthy choices available to us.

Decisions, after facing our choices, can be like rapid fire and the more we practice choosing love, on the regular, the more easily and second nature to us, it will become.

The more all of this, will make sense.

I realize, however, that for some, wrapping our minds around this concept might take a bit of practice and there will be resistance towards the validity and truth I share.

That in itself is an option to choose love.

Choosing love in that situation, perhaps would be, choosing the possibility that there is room to grow ones understanding of love.

An opportunity to grow and meet love on new levels.

Some will argue you cannot choose love, that love chooses us and as much as love is many things, it is a choice that if we do not realize it is ours to make, we will be making many decisions in a state of non-love.

Or as I say, not choosing love.

States of non-love are states such as fear, ego, pain, defensiveness, just to name a few.

Love is a journey, filled with many obstacles that are not our fault but will happen as we live this life we’ve been given.

We are born into this world as love and this world operates from a very non-loving way that it tarnishes, corrupts and makes us forget what love really is.

We are taught that love is something it isn’t.

We are brought up by parents, who were brought up by their parents, who were not shown the true meaning of love and before we know it, we have drifted so far away from love that when someone comes along and says—love is a choice, that our defenses can pop up and one might think—no its not.

Love is always a choice.

You will know if you’re choosing love based on how it feels inside your body.

Does it feel light?

Are you respecting your mind, body, spirit and that of those you come in contact with?

Do you feel peaceful in your being?

Are you living for you?

The first step to making love your regular choice, is to start with choosing yourself.

Start your intimate journey with love, there.

The deeper you go there, the deeper you take love into this world around us, into the hearts of those you interact with. You can and will single handily be a part of a collective shift in awareness of love.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it is.

The more we have love flowing in, around and all over the place, the more we all come back to our core.

Our core, is nothing but love.

You are so much love and if you forgot, let me be the one to remind you.

You are such a unique and beautiful being of love!

Choose love.

Choose yourself.

Love is a choice that you can start choosing any day.

Let today be that day.

Let love be your choice.