Love Is Destructive, But Worth It In The End


All though a beautiful thing can be deadly. Just like love. Love is like the ocean during a calm day. It is something that can build cities and countries. It can create families, civilizations, utopia and friendship. It can bring even the worst of people to their knees. Because no one can live very long with out it. Love is like a beautiful sunset over the horizon. It’s like laughter and happiness. Great memories and good times. Love can make someone’s whole world turn upside down. It makes you see things differently. Especially when you are in love with someone else. When you are in love with someone else it’s no longer just about you. They are involved too. Their smile and their laughter. That persons likes and dislikes. Their hobbies and even their favorite movies. Walking down the street just isn’t the same because of them. When you have a bad day you go to them. That is what being in love is like. But just like the ocean it has its rough patches. Love can destroy everything. It can tear even the strongest of people down. Bringing them down to nothing more than a sad soul. A faceless person in the space of society. It can destroy countries and even the world. Not only that but love makes you blind to a persons flaws. When you are in love with someone that person has no flaws. Their flaws are just tiny perfections. So when you get hurt. It’s even worse. It’s like the one thing that actually matters to you the most isn’t there anymore. They don’t care. You are alone. Lost. Sad. Then, in time you grow from the heartbreak and find new love to share. The loss of one love brought you closer to others. It makes friendships grow. So yes love isn’t perfect. It just sort of moves with the flow. No matter what be prepared. Because one day you’ll find your true love. And they will stick with you forever and always. Even if they don’t stick through the hardship. It’ll be worth it in the end.