Love Is Not Solely Found In Relationships


Love is not only found in the arms of another person, in the eyes of someone who longs to share a life with you, in the hands that are intertwined with yours. Love is not only found in whispers exchanged between two people in intimacy, in lips coming together for a passionate kiss, in hearts that have shared the deepest parts of themselves with one another.

Love is found in the wind. In the first fresh breath of morning air. In the silence of dawn, when the sun first starts to peek above the clouds. Love is found in the dew and how it sits so lightly on the grass, waiting for the day to begin. Or in the birds rustling their feathers, opening their beaks for the first notes of a morning song.

Love is found in the stillness. In watching the clouds float lazily through the afternoon sky. In the waves and how, despite their magnitude, their melody still calms. Love is found in the pitter-patter of your own heartbeat. In the quiet, unconscious inhale of your lungs. In the muscles that cover your body, pushing you forward and through the day.

Love is found in the trees. In the green and yellow leaves dancing in the breeze. In the cars rushing by on the streets. In the skyscrapers reaching for the sun. Love is found in the smile of a child, in the stars twinkling across the night sky, in wine glasses and laughter shared between friends.

Love is found in the first bites of a meal. In nights staying up way too late listening to the sound of a loved one’s voice. In the way your body stretches and softens to sleep. Love is found in the sand and dirt between your toes, in the sunshine warming your face, in the thoughts rolling around and creating stories in your head.

Love is found in art. In words. In color and change and music. It is found in the moments you first begin on this earth, and in the final breaths. Love is found in unexpected places, and in all the things and people you’ve taken for granted.

Love is found in the reflection staring back at you in the bathroom mirror. In the voice that comes from your chest. In the silent moments you share with a friend where neither of you are speaking, but the peace shared between says so much.

Love is found in the healing. In the rebuilding of yourself after brokenness, in the realization that you were always whole, will always be whole, no matter how deeply you’ve been hurt. Love is in puppy kisses and ice cream cones and bare feet and bubbles—all the fleeting, simple moments that remind you why you’re here.

Love is not solely in romantic partners, in relationships, in people you give your heart to. Love is all around you, inherent within you, is you.