Love Isn’t The Only Aspect Of Life — It’s Time To Start Living For You



Your time will come, I promise.

I know you have a time period for love, marriage, and children. I know you cling to your pillow at night and desperately wish it were someone to hold onto. I know you wake up each day and wish you could pour two cups of coffee instead of one, but its just not your time. So stop.

You can wait.

There is so much more to life then finding the person you’re supposed to be with. I am a firm believer that situations repeat themselves until you’ve learned the lesson. Have you ever thought that maybe that’s what the issue is? You feel that you aren’t complete or fulfilled since you go to bed alone every night, but you need to start enjoying this season of life. One day you will be married and you’ll think back to this lonely girl you think you are now and wish that she just enjoyed this time. You have to sift through and mend your inner puzzle before you give another piece away.

Being a bride doesn’t define you, make you special, or make you any better than anyone else. From personal experience, trust me, it doesn’t. What does make you who you are is bettering yourself mentally, educating yourself, finding inspiration, creating a legacy, and finding you. Love is a very sacred and beautiful aspect in life, but it’s not the only aspect of life. Go travel and see the world, try new things, and be selfish for once. If you rush into someone’s life without knowing who you are or how you want to receive love, then that will bring you right back to where you are now. It will continue to repeat itself until you learn enjoy being your own hero.

Look at that amazing girl in the mirror and ask her what she really wants out of life. Does she know what kind of love she wants? Does she know what career to go for? Does she have fun hobbies? What motivates her? What inspires her?

Step out of your comfort zone and explore. Become a tourist in your own city, find new coffee shops, go surfing, and go on nature walks, travel, and meet new people. It is in the mist of these moments where you really dig deeper and find yourself. I think now is the time you need to ask yourself why you’re looking so hard to find someone. What void are you trying to fill? You will never be in a lasting relationship if you feel that being with another person fulfills your happiness. All the pieces that you think are missing from your inner puzzle will not be found in anyone else. I understand the pain you are feeling, but once you relax and accept life as it is, you’ll become whole.

Time works in mysterious ways to say the least. You keep wondering why you always end up with “Mr. Wrong” when you’re trying to hard for “Mr. Right” and maybe it’s because he isn’t ready yet. Maybe he’s somewhere out there still trying to figure himself out. Maybe he wants to establish himself and become the best version of himself before he meets you. The universe could be waiting for you to finish the puzzle just as the universe is waiting on him to finish his. Love is something that both parties need to be ready for. It’s about being an added asset to the awesome life you are already living; it’s not about filling some void of a broken heart you had from your last relationship. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re undesirable, unwanted, or not enough. You are enough, and you have a purpose in this world. Take in every moment of this season in life and don’t hold anything back. Show the world your corky self and sassy attitude. Own it! Love yourself and cherish your life for what it is.

Life is so beautiful, and darling so are you.