Love Lets You Be Yourself


“You know how sometimes
you know something deep inside, and
it bothers you, so it helps when you hear
someone else say it too?

Well, I’ll say it then:

lets you be


It’s as simple and as complicated as that.
It empowers. It frees. It helps you fly.
And watches, bursting with pride, as you soar.

It lifts. It builds up. And elevates. And expands.
It does *not* constrain. Or constrict. Or contain, even.
And neither does it cause you
to fold “in” on yourself.

You see,
Love, is sure, it is convinced, it is crazy.
But Love, my dear struggling one
is not ashamed, afraid, confusing.

is courageous, Love
is serious, Love
Does Not
play games, or the fool, or
your mind.

Love – true love
facilitates growth
in all directions
hand in hand
wide open.

It does not
degrade, no never.

And it sure as hell
does not
question you.”

“But… ”

“No I’m not saying that this is not love.
I’m not saying that what you’re feeling, that what you’re shaking with right here, is not love.
But what I am trying to say,
my darling,
is that there is the love that I see in you, that you are inundated in, eyes enlarged;

and then there is the love that is grace in fluidity, that is warm and sweet-smelling, that is comfortably intoxicating, that is a brain-calming, eye cooling “ness” and you must, oh you must, yes you must savor that peace.”