Love Letter From The Guy Who Loves You For Your Mind


Hey Girl, I just wanted to tell you that I love you for your brains. Girl, there are so many great things about you: perfect smile, beautiful bod, glossy hair. But everybody knows what’s sexier is your vast vocabulary, high IQ score, and PhD in Economics. That brain of yours is so damn hot; always crunching numbers and remembering important dates in history. Damn girl. Can’t believe I’m lucky enough to tap that knowledge.

I remember when I first saw you I thought “Damn, she’s got legs that just won’t quit.” Well baby, let those legs quit. Tell those legs they can retire to Florida and start collecting Social Security because your brain has got the situation under control. Sure, those legs and walk across the world in high heels, but that brain of yours could probably pick up two more languages. Those tight and toned hamstrings and quadriceps don’t have a thing on your fully developed frontal lobe and parietal lobe.

Before our first date was lost; I was chasing women without even knowing what I really wanted. And what I really wanted was someone who could give solid analysis of the movie Memento. Which you explained to me, over our first dinner, and the moment you finished, not only did I understand that movie, but I also understood that I loved you.

Sure, you had a perfect ass, but even better than the flesh bouncing on your rear was the 3.1 pounds of grey matter bouncing in your skull. You know that you don’t have to drop it low, because all things fall at 9.8 meters per second squared, and you’ve got better things to do than be like everyone else. Yeah, your pussy game is strong, but you’re scrabble game is stronger. Watching you play “QUIZ” for 64 had me dizzy; I would’ve never dreamed that you could hit the double word AND the double letter. So who cares if you’re good in bed when you’re good in word games?

So don’t worry about lingerie, or anything like that; girl all you need to wear to get me going is your thinking cap. So let’s turn off the TV, go to the bedroom, and graph some parabolas and show me what you can do with that frontal cortex.

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