Love Like This Doesn’t Fade


I’ll meet you when the season ends,

When the snow piling up on the roads and trees has melted away,

When the sun is visible in the sky for most of the day,

I will drive and drive until I reach the end of the world, swim into the depths of the sea, climb the mountains in my way, rest in the valleys and look at the blue sky change to orange to purple and black,

I’ll rest for a while, dream about your eyes, visit your home in my mind, pull your curtains aside, feel your hand on my neck, I’ll lie there in this grass, and when the sun rises, I’ll walk until I find you,

Sometimes I feel like I’m chasing a dream, a vision of the past, where you and me were one person, tracing your arms with my fingertips was like tracing my own arms,

I’ll hear your voice when the wind blows by my ear, leaving light kisses on my cheeks, I almost smile but I remember how far I am from you,

I have to keep moving, somehow away from everything I’ve ever known, keeping you by my side takes courage and I’m getting stronger everyday, little by little, with every step I take towards you,

With the hope, all I have is this hope, that when I reach to you, when I take that last step, you’ll feel the same, you’ll be ready to take a step closer to me, and even though I would have changed so much by then, and you might have too, but in some ways we remained the people we were that loved each other at the same time, once, some ages ago.

I know love like this doesn’t fade away, I hope you feel the same way, I’m thinking this as I’m traveling on, to meet you when the sun meets the horizon, And all I can feel is the need to see it all with you.