Love Makes You Stuck Together Forever


Love is sticky, and don’t ever let anyone try to tell you it isn’t.

Love is like strawberry jam. It tastes too sweet sometimes and hurts your teeth, but you can’t stop eating it in spoonfuls.

Love is like honey. It gets everywhere and sticks to everything until it manages to journey all the way into the living room and your mum yells at you for making a mess, even though it wasn’t you who created the mess in the first place.

Love is like tree sap. It bleeds from the inside.

Love is your eyelash glue, it makes you feel pretty and petty at the same time, and then you get it in your eyes and start crying.

Love is like semen, it creates life but stains the bed.

Love is like gum, you come away from a night drunk and scat, only to wake up with it sticking to your hair and clothes and you have no idea how it got there, or how to get it out.

Love is like lipstick, it covers you in kisses.

Love is like realising you’ve been singing that same song over and over again. Love is like recognising you’re annoying but humming the tune regardless of the people staring at you.

Love is like bacteria, it’s infectious.

But love is also like glue, it holds all your important pieces together and without it you’d be flying around, lost and airborne with no direction.

But for all the things love is like, nothing is more like love than the knowledge that you are here forever. People say that the only certain fact of life is death. To them I reply “you just haven’t experienced true love yet”, because once you fall in love – you are stuck to that person forever. Even though you might not always wish to be, you can’t imagine life without such sweet serendipity.