Love The Guy Who Puts Your Heart At Rest


As soon as you open your eyes, you know you have to be in charge of your life. You have to take care of yourself. You are under the pressure of making wise decisions and avoiding mistakes all throughout the day.

You go to work, thinking about all the stuff that needs to be done. You sigh at the thought of all the things you have to fix, of all the things you have to finish and of all the things you have to create from scratch.

The entire day lasts with you doing your duties, taking full responsibility for your actions and making decisions that impact not just your life but others. You are born to lead and, as such, are required to be good at managing people and working with them. You have already accepted your reality – that you always have to be the one in charge, the one carrying a lot of pressure.

The hours pass by with you in absolute control.

Yes, you enjoy your duties despite the hardships. But the best thing of all is when you see him, casually waiting for you by his car after a long day. He looks busy finishing some call while leaning his head by the car window. As soon as your eyes meet, he smiles.

And you know, you can finally get some rest.

You entrust yourself to him because he knows how to take care of you, how to make you smile and how to make you feel comfortable after a busy day. You allow him to make the decisions for you because you know that whatever he will decide on will be what you want and need.

He knows you so well that you do not have to explain anything. He will give you what your heart desires.

He has a restaurant reserved for dinner. You don’t have to think anymore or search up Foursquare trying to find a neat place nearby. He has already bought tickets to that concert of a non-mainstream band you have been listening to since high school. You are caught unaware as he surprises you. He has bought your favorite book signed by the author as a gift for your first monthsary. And he has flowers prepared on your front door no matter how many times you say you hate roses.

He has everything neatly planned and taken cared of for you. All you have to do is let him take care of you. Your heart is at rest with him. Perhaps this is what love really is. A place where your heart can rest after a tiring day. A place where your heart is quiet but someone truly understands.