Love Will Always Find Its Way Back To You


Love is love. It makes you lose control and see things in euphoric ways. It grabs your heart and takes you prisoner. It doesn’t see age and time stands still. It looks past culture, it looks past color, and it soothes your soul.

Love is love. It keeps you up at night and it nourishes your mind with vivid dreams. It holds you in a tight embrace and it kisses you in all the right places. It speaks volumes even when no words are spoken. It’s a look that sees right into your beating heart and makes you feel alive.

When you are in the throes of beautiful love, the ending seems so distant. Many moons have come and gone, and maybe you have held on too long, hoping you’re in a bad dream, hoping they will return. You are unable to see the bright light because every day seems the same as the day before. You’re putting so much power in their love to control your heart, your mind, and your happiness. You’re hoping that today will be different; you’re hoping to see a text that says, “I love you and I’m sorry,” but it never comes. You feel like you are stuck in quicksand and your heart is frozen in stone, unable to even consider someone else. Deep inside, you have a small glimmer of hope—you have visions and possibilities for opportunities to love again.

Just like that, you swear off moving forward, you swear off love, you declare that you can be happy alone, and that’s when it happens. The Universe can be sneaky, shady, and marvelous in all the ways that we can’t see it for ourselves. Just like that, someone enters your world. They look at you in a certain way and your heart starts racing and you get butterflies in your stomach. Just like that, at that moment, your past hurt is completely erased and you feel reborn in the excitement of the possibilities of love.

All the sudden conversations are endless, time stands still, and once again, you believe in a greater power. Maybe it hasn’t happened again for you; you feel discouraged and out of breath from your last relationship, and all the clocks are spinning backward. You wish you could just grow wings and fly away from the pain and the hurt and find peace again. You’re hanging on by a thread, and you are tired of holding on. This shit is so heavy, so draining, so not fair, and you have no idea why love can’t find its way back to you. Is it all a lie?

You feel suffocated in sadness, but you have a small inner fight to still believe in love. I can tell you for sure that love WILL find its way back to you. Maybe you needed to learn some karmic lessons, not to punish you, but to make you strong before the right person comes along. Set yourself free, let go of the expectation from your last relationship, and wake up every day excited at who the Universe has planned for you. Wake up knowing that all the characteristics of a person you have been dreaming about will come true and all your boxes will be checked off. Start treating your heart and mind with kindness and respect and find comfort that you deserve the greatest love naturally. Love is love, and love will ALWAYS find its way to a beautifully perfect broken heart.