Loving In Queerness & Trauma


My body
Your body
Gender intertwined, lost, yet ever-present
Girl and genderqueer
Nonbinary and man

My stone lover (1)
Your hurt became my hurt
Existence is like a jagged breath
Crying out in pleasure
Crying out in desperation

No ‘I’ without ‘you’ (2)
A future mapped
But queerness
Defying both time and linearity (3)

Not what we need
Being exactly how we need
In need
Of the mystery
Of your stars (4)

We are limitless
With delibrance
Silence saturated with touch
Radical love
Is not a master’s tool (5)

More than mortal
Knowledge of your soul
And cradling
It within my own.

1 Leslie Feinberg
2 Judith Butler
3 Jack Halberstam
4 Rabbi Jules Harlow
5 Audre Lorde