Loving You Is More Than Enough For Me


The sky was blue grey, early morning, we were driving in a red car with black tinted windows, all the way down,

one hand outside the window, the other holding your hand, watching the sunrise, I feel like heaven could be right here, can such peace exist in life? I feel like I’m in a dream, but I’m wide awake, watching the sun change colours from blue and black to orange and red,

All these things I feel when we’re together are all the things I never knew I would ever feel in my life, do you know what I mean? Can you say the same thing about me? Are you filled with such inexplicable feelings too?

Do you feel like you’re living in a dream too? The one where we are finally happy and there is no more sadness to forget? Where we love someone and are loved right back in the same way? Where the time stops when we command it to?

The hours of love are longer than the hours of longing, I’m thinking as I’m watching the sunrise, soon the sun will be high up in the sky, and we’ll roll up the black tinted windows, and we’ll be invisible to the world once again, and then the sun will set, and we’ll roll down the window once again,

‘where are we going?’ I ask you,

and you say, ‘it doesn’t even matter since we’re together.’