Man Doesn’t Realize He Was Shot in the Head for 5 Years


It looks like the Onion could get some inspiration from real-life news headlines, if this story is any indication. A Polish man recently learned that he’d had a bullet lodged in his head for the past five years. According to AP, the man recalls having received a “blow to the head” while partying in the Polish town of Herne on New Year’s Eve five years ago, but he didn’t seek any medical help for the injury at the time.

Recently, the man felt a bump on the back of his head and decided to get it checked out. An x-ray showed “an object” under the skin, and an operation revealed a bullet from a .22 caliber pistol that thankfully hadn’t penetrated the man’s skull.

Police speculate that the stray bullet may have been “fired by a reveler in celebration,” AP writes. Apparently confetti and fireworks just don’t cut it in Herne, Poland.

[Via Gawker.]