Man Poses As Target And Owns Everyone Who’s Hating On Their New Gender-Neutral Toy Department


Just the other day Target announced that all their toy departments would no longer be divided into separate “girl” and “boy” sections. This change does not mean that any toys will be discontinued, or that brainwashing propaganda will be stuffed into G.I. Joe boxes. Instead, it just removes stereotypes that prevent kids from fully enjoying the toys they want to play with.

Not everyone on the internet saw it that way, however:

(Becca seems to have missed the hundreds of posts in support of Target’s new policy).

Fortunately for the world however, the Target Facebook page found a true hero. This playful internet vigilante created an account called “Ask ForHelp” and pretended to be a part of the Target customer service team. The results are absolutely side-splitting:

The mastermind behind the trolling was Mike Melgaard. Sadly, many of the comments made under his “Ask ForHelp” moniker were flagged for inappropriate content and removed.

Readers were greatly distressed by Melgaard’s removal:

Did the real Target have a comment on the haters?

Subtle, but perfect.