Manspreading Is Not An Issue And Bored Women Need To Stop Trying To Make It One



Manspreading is a recent term coined by women about men who take up too much room in public transport. It’s recently made news because so many women have taken a stand to cease this horrifying act of iniquity. And to that I can only shake my head and sigh.

Manspreading is not an issue; it’s not even remotely close to an issue. People talking about it and putting it in the spotlight is the issue. Women are making mountains out of molehills here, and it’s not benefitting anybody. Videos and articles about the perils of manspreading have absolutely no substance because it is an unsolicited pity-party for women by women. It is all about shaming an entire gender based on the faults of a very select few men.

A man who spreads his legs apart isn’t going to burn the train down, so don’t get your panties in a twist. It’s not an epidemic, it’s not a concern, it’s not even something that should be addressed publicly. If you see a man who is taking too much room, you can kindly tell them to keep it shut. There is no need to make a PSA about something like this. You want to make a difference? Start somewhere else. Focus on the poor, the hungry, the sufferers of injustice. If you want to make the world a better place, this is the last place to start.

Are first world women so fragile that they get offended at the slightest male act that isn’t to their liking? If your biggest concern is manspreading, then you are leading a very privileged life, my friend. You know what men don’t make videos about? Women who put their handbags on the seat next to them. In numerous occasions I’ve had to stand up on the train or bus because an empty seat was occupied by a large handbag. Do I make a video about it as a sign of protest? Do I intrude upon women on their way to work with a microphone and video camera to interrogate them about their terrible handbag habits? No, because it isn’t their fault that I’m standing up in the middle of a rocky bus ride. If I’m too shy or scared to ask a woman to remove her handbag then it’s entirely my fault. I chose to stand up, and it shouldn’t be anyone’s problem but mine.

The same goes for manspreading. If a man invades your bubble of comfort, then it’s your responsibility to ask them to move their legs away from yours. Tell him off, not all the men on the train. It’s rude to go up to people’s faces with your DSLR asking them why they manspread when they’re just sitting there trying to be as comfortable as they can with sticky summer testicles. Us women will never understand what it’s like to have external genitals, so why are we berating men for relaxing a little? I understand that there are several men who take it way too far and take up 3 seats with their legs splayed out, but I remember seeing a picture of my female friend no taller than 5 feet sleeping on two train seats. It’s not a male problem, it’s an asshole problem. So stop making it seem like men are the only culprits here.

The reason why the womanspreading movement isn’t hitting off is because women aren’t meant to sit down with their legs splayed out. The architecture of our hips and thigh bones are different to that of men’s. So women who try to make a point by cartoonishly spreading their legs apart only prove that they were never biologically designed to do so.

Manspreading might be annoying, but it isn’t nearly as annoying as women who constantly talk about it. Men feel uncomfortable sitting cross-legged the way women do, and I honestly do not have a problem if a man spreads out his legs a little over to my area. If they want to unwind after a hard day’s work and let their testicles breathe, then I will let them. I don’t know what kind of day their genitals have been through. I have problems that are bigger than that, and if I ever take issue with them invading my space, I will let them know…without using a viral video.