‘Married At First Sight’ Is Casting For Season 8 And You Could Be Its Next Star


When Married at First Sight first aired in 2014, I was obsessed. I mean, a reality show that used psychology and compatibility measures to find you not only the perfect blind date, but the perfect blind marriage? That was the kind of drama I could get behind.

Apparently a lot of people could, because the show has been confirmed for an eighth season and has already posted its casting call for singles between ages 26 and 40 in the Charlotte area who are brave enough to jump into a marriage with a random stranger.

While some may say it’s crazy to marry someone you (and even your family) have never met, it’s worked out well for some of the couples in the past. Four of the couples on the show have remained together — though considering that’s out of 18 couples the show has aired, it’s not an amazing success rate.

Still, if you’re tired of the dating pool and are courageous enough to take the jump, you might as well take a look at the casting call, at least — at the very least, you somewhat know what you’re getting into at this point, unlike the contestants in the first season, who has no idea they were signing up for a arranged marriage experiment. Who knows, maybe your prince charming will be waiting at the end of the altar, waiting to introduce himself to you.