May 2018 Be The Year Of The Comeback


Another year had passed, and with so many things people like to start together with the new year, try to cultivate a culture of making a “comeback”. In your own definition, in your own timing, and in your own perspective.

Start with you – what you can control, what you want to hold on to, and what you want to let go.

Comeback to hope.

You remember things fell apart. You remember life threw rocks at you. You remember the bad times. You remember the people who knocked you off your feet. You remember feeling your empty pockets. You remember crying for help. You remember those who stopped caring for you when you never had never stopped caring for them. You remember those who have used you for their own gain. Sure, they hurt but they have made you stronger. And while you can still read this, it means you are still alive. It means you can continue life. It means you can still fight battles. It means you are given a chance and how you use it will be yours to decide. Remember hope. Remember the thin line in seeing the norms versus seeing miracles. Remember to keep hope in your heart so you can remember life is still beautiful with you in it. Remember that crumbling down in frustration will never stop you to getting back up with hope that things will get better.

Comeback to your loved ones.

Of course, it doesn’t always mean you ever left. You keep in touch. You keep your social media posts for them. But sometimes digital isn’t always pivotal, because no matter the advancements in communication, hug in person will never be replaced, I love you in person will never go out of style, and just to be physically present is always above all the typing in a message box. Work helps you live but it doesn’t keep you alive, family does. In all your downfalls, family is always the safe place to fall and the anchor to hold on to. The entire world, one way or another, can malign your existence but with all the pain that you may bear, the safest path is to your family’s doorsteps – because they will accept you in ways no others can. Why? Because love is about showing when others have stopped telling.

Comeback to yourself.

“I hate myself” versus “I hate you”, which one rings more? Oftentimes, you find people to blame. For most times, in secrecy, you blame yourself. You always find smokes and mirrors in between your struggles and moving on. Come to think of it, this makes it more difficult to breathe day in day out. It makes you end the year with vengeance rather than kindness. It makes you remember all the bad things and never let go. Sometimes, the greatest reward is not about seeing the new year alone, but forgiving your past as you face your future. Forgiveness doesn’t entirely start by saying “You forgive others”, it starts by saying “I forgive myself”. It’s never easy for most, but it can never be the hardest. Going back to knowing yourself will help you remember nobody is perfect, and that everyone will always have the power to start over again.

In utmost utterance, the biggest comeback is the triumphant progression in life with God on your side, whether you think you are winning or not (you think).

It is not about what the mind has dictated you to accomplish but what the heart has foretold you to believe in. When you have hope, you believe in the unknown and be contented with the now, even if your future seems vague. When you have your family, you believe a bad day at work will not yield a bad day at home. When you have yourself, you believe life continues on and on and even if you will come back to a day of mourning, you will still look forward to a morning filled with faith.

Because the only comeback you will always remember is to and through the safe cradles of the Lord, our God.