Maybe I’ll Always Be A Little Bit Undefined


I find myself in a state of something undefined
A blurry haze with a bright light at the end.
I am running towards it, but every mile I gain
Leaves me feeling further, and further away.
New discoveries, experiences, people,
Things to consider– circumstances–
I, too wonder what keeps me going.
Times leaves me in a nostalgic melancholic state,
Something that I don’t cry over anymore–
I can’t cry anymore, perhaps I’m too jaded.
Perpetually numb, but with the ability to express
To remain ambitious despite the disaster I’ve become
At times I don’t recognize my own reflection
As if the girl is a distant friend,
the shell of someone I used to cross paths with.
I’m rediscovering her insides through every mistake–
Through every accomplishment. I’m learning to
Associate the image in the mirror with memories.
But sometimes I’d rather forget and exist undefined.