Maybe In Another Universe You Didn’t Lose Me


Have you ever heard about the concept of a parallel universe?

It’s about hypothetical, alternate worlds that exist based on the choices that we’ve made. The universe you are in now exists because of the choices that you took, while the others are representations of the choices that you didn’t make, but you could have.

It’s the alternative reality of what you could’ve been if you made the other choice.

For so long, I’ve been endlessly fascinated by its concept because it gives me the illusion that in some other world, I didn’t have regrets. In some other universe, I was happy with the decisions that I made. The concept allows me to believe that hypothetically, in a perfect parallel world, you chose me. We were together and there was an ‘us.’ Our love story was not met with a tragic end. You didn’t give up on me, you didn’t leave me, and you didn’t break my heart.

Hypothetically, we had the chance to make it work.

But after months of piecing back the heart that you tore, I have come to accept the reality of that concept: I didn’t live in that hypothetical world. I live in a world where you and I barely even take anymore.

Because in this world, you did give up on me, you did leave me, and you did so mercilessly break my heart. In this world, the painful reality is that we never had the chance to make it work.

So, I’ll leave it to my alternate self in that alternate world to be happy with you. I hope you both make it last. But in this world, for the present me, it’s time to stop getting hung up on the possibility of us because there just simply isn’t. It’s time to stop mourning over what I’ve lost because in this world, you aren’t even a loss. You hurt me. You missed out on me.

In this world, I didn’t lose you, you lost me.