Maybe It’s Time That I Tell You I Like You


You can never tell at which point you start liking somebody. One minute you’re just about to come up with some awkward introduction, and the next thing you know, you’re fondly thinking of what she’s doing on the other end of the line. Is she lying in bed, staring blankly at the ceiling and twirling her hair? Or is she sitting on a chair, sipping coffee, throwing gestures in the air as she tells you how her day went? You try to guess how she makes faces when her voice changes, or how her eyes shrink when she giggles…soon you realize you’ve been studying her photos for too long, wishing you’ll get to look her in the eyes for real.

You’re right. We don’t need a long time to get to know each other. You only need to hear the beginning of a song to know if it fits your taste; and sometimes you know it’s going to be a favorite before it even gets to the chorus.

We haven’t met yet, but something tells me I need to have you in my life. And I can’t wait to see you in the flesh.

My imagination has already taken me to one of your shows. I wonder, will you recognize me in the crowd? I’ll be gazing at you so intently, that if ever you meet my gaze, you’ll stop and forget your next line. I’ll be beaming at you, and you’ll try your best not to smile back. You’ll find it hard to portray the emotions you’re supposed to, because your face will light up like it never has before.. But that’s enough wishful thinking.

So when can you tell that you’re starting to like someone? Is it when you already have a picture of her standing next to you? Is it when you’re thinking of how she bites her lip when she’s trying to suppress a laugh? Or if she walks fast and eats slow. Or how she struggles to keep her eyes open when she badly wants to sleep. When?

Because I’m starting to imagine my coffee cup next to yours. In my head, I feel your hair brushing against my arm that’s wrapped around you. I wonder how long will I be able to hold my breath when you hold my hand. I find myself wanting to be the reason for, and the witness to that lovely smile on your lips. Then I want to get lost in that moment, until, maybe, those lips find their way onto mine. I want to get to know every inch of you.

Every last detail – the things you’re proud of, I’ll cherish, and the parts you hate, I’ll embrace.

I want your stuff all jumbled up with mine. I want your scent all over my pillows. You’ll be the first and last person to cross my mind every day. Your habits will rub off on me, and your favorite things will become dear to me too. Your hugs will be my comfort zone; your kisses, my type of wine.

We’ll be in on each others secrets. I won’t sleep while you’re out there, and when you come home, I’ll lie awake with you for a bit more. I’ll hold you close to me and squeeze you in my arms so tight you’ll finally understand why the others had to let you go. And I’ll be the luckiest person alive cause I get to kiss you good night and still be with you in the morning.

Maybe it doesn’t really matter when or how; fact is, I like you. Isn’t it crazy? I only ever have ideas of you, but I have a pretty good concept of us. My mind has taken me to one of your shows.

Maybe it’s time I show you what’s on my mind.