Maybe It’s Time To Serve Love To Yourself First


There are moments in life where we meet people that cannot love us in the way that we need or deserve. Often our love for one another keeps us trying anyway. Sometimes we give so much, we do not realize we are giving ourselves away to those that cannot give back to us. We show up for those that will never be present for us, and in the breaking of ourselves for those we love, we realize they are not there to help us to pick up our pieces in the aftermath.

To love as deeply as we do often means we are blindsighted to the truth of the relationship, often refusing to acknowledge the red flags, the inconsistencies, and the doubt. Maybe we want to believe that if we keep trying we can change the dynamic or that more time is required for love to meet us where we are. But eventually, the heart runs out of excuses, often when we have already exhausted ourselves in the effort.

Pouring our half-full-cup personality into a person who isn’t receiving our measure will only ever leave us empty.The warmth and consistency in our efforts will never give substance to another who is constantly hungry.

When what you serve is not being met with the same appreciation and care, you know it is time to leave the table. Do not keep force feeding your love to someone who is never satisfied.

It is always bittersweet to say goodbye to love when it was real and genuine to your own heart and the journey it took you to get there. Maybe you both shared real feelings between you that has often made it difficult to let go of the connection, but if it was meant to stay, it wouldn’t feel so hard to hold on to. 

Sometimes we are presented with situations that force us to choose ourselves first; sometimes letting go of someone who is not serving us the same love in return is what was meant to be learned from this moment. Maybe the love you have been so passionately giving away should now be reserved for yourself, to remind you that you are deserving and worthy of being loved wholly.

And when another is present in your life and showing up for you and your efforts in equal measure, you will know what it is to be full with love from serving it to yourself first.