Maybe It’s Time We Surrender To Our Millennial Woes


Maybe it’s about time we surrender to our Millennial woes. Maybe instead of trying so desperately to find our purpose, we need to simply focus on living purposefully.

Maybe instead of always looking to hustle, we need to remember to always breathe. Maybe rather than living our lives to the fullest, we need to start noticing who and what makes us actually feel full.

Maybe we need to stop trying to live our best lives and be our best selves and start by purely acknowledging that we are enough. You are enough. Maybe we stop getting caught up on loving ourselves first and instead start by finding some balance in loving ourselves just a little more.

Perhaps we need to stop living in extremes and begin living more authentically. The power is in the now, the lessons are in the past, and the future is in the making… and quite honestly, sometimes I’m not sure which part was meant to be lived in.

Maybe it’s about time we surrender to what society has depicted as the current state of our lives. Maybe these expectations we’re creating are taking us further and further away from truly connecting to ourselves and to the world.

Yes, the struggle is real, but the struggle can also be wrong. Maybe the struggle is just a story we’ve been telling ourselves all along and we simply forgot that we control the narrative.

There is FOMO, JOMO, and everything seems to be contradictory. We say these trendy words like “slay” and “fleek” and “bae” and “salty”, but can’t we just make kindness trendy?

There is a movement around self-care, but do we really care about what that means for each of us? Maybe we stop trying so hard to remember to take bubble baths and just remember that we’re worth making time for.

Maybe instead of showing how we’re woke, we make a conscious effort to wake up and create lives that fill our hearts with joy. Maybe we try a little less hard at showing off and just try to show up more.

Maybe instead of being thirsty for attention, we focus on being thirsty for a life worth living. Maybe we surrender who we think we should be and find gratitude in who we are right now.

Maybe we surrender to the drag of what we call adulting and acknowledge that we are so lucky to be living. Maybe we start to make the most of this life instead of trying to run away from it.

This might seem basic, but I worry. Have we created this world and painted it with phrases, beliefs, and trends to follow, but forgot to forge our own paths?

It feels like we can quickly become out of touch, out of sync, and out of style in this day and age. But why? Why do we need to find catchy phrases to define how we’re living?

Why should we be throwing around these cultural innuendos without actually looking at where they land in our own souls?

We’re so much better than a quote on Instagram. We’re so much stronger than what a hashtag can hold. We’re so much more powerful without any filter at all.

We’re so much more capable than a “maybe.” We’re so much, and we often give ourselves so little credit. We’re so damn inspirational that history will be sure to remember us. ⁣

So, how about we just build each other up? I say it’s time we stop trying so hard to fit in and instead surrender to standing out.