Maybe Love Is Only Here So We Can Bring Out The Best Of Each Other


Half asleep.

I ran my fingers under his shirt. He placed his hand on my cheek and smiled with his eyes shut. Our bodies tangled in each other like a puzzle. Everything fits perfectly. I can see myself in him when I look in his eyes. And I bet he can see himself in me when he looks in mine. From the very start, I saw him through my own eyes, not through some rose-tinted glasses. I never get why some people like those glasses. It ruins our perception and adds illusions that aren’t there in the first place. It’s like you’re high on drugs and can’t seem to grasp on reality.

This, however, is a reality in its finest form. It’s honest and raw.

Love isn’t a delusion. It only is when you decide to wear those rose-tinted glasses. We made everything worse by setting expectations for each other.

You don’t become suddenly ”our” or ”we” when you happen to be with someone you have fallen in love with. You, from day one until infinity, is still YOU and will stay that way. You are already completed with your own personality and quirks. That other person only can lift you up and brings, even more, the best out of you than you already are. Or in the worst case, he can bring the worse out of you – but only – when you let him.

Don’t lose yourself by loving someone.

Once you are someone’s girlfriend/boyfriend, it doesn’t mean you suddenly need to treat yourself as an afterthought and voluntarily put yourself in a cage to live in. Therefore, you should not live for them and put the focus only on them. Your interests and dreams still matter. Why would it be any different when there is someone in your life? You have always had the freedom to live your own life. It should not let you fear to be alone, therefore, restricting yourself.

Don’t let one single person restrict yourself and eliminate the things that matter to you.

If he/she doesn’t understand, you know enough. Love should not let you compensate or restrict in a sense that you feel like you are lost or stuck. Instead, it should open doors for more options than limited choices. Just love him, don’t depend on him for everything is temporary. Depend on yourself your most reliable companion.

<b.Me and him? We are not rose-tinted but more like transparent.

It’s messy, yet exhilarating. It’s confronting, yet interesting. It’s surprising, yet transparent. It’s overwhelming, yet understanding.

We can’t have enough of each other, but we also can’t stand each other with guts sometimes. I encourage him to follow his passion – which is cooking – to ignore noises who discourage him in his decisions. To hell with social positions and opinion of others. Do what YOU love. Do what makes YOU happy. He doesn’t need my confirmation. And I don’t need his.

I am only here to bring out the best in him. And he is only here to bring out the best in me.

As we lay side by side in bed, I look at him and think: “I have never felt more on the right track than before.”