Maybe One Day, Someone Will Love Me In That Way


Maybe one day.

Maybe one day, someone will feel that way about me. Where they can’t help but smile when someone says your name. Where they notice the little things. The crinkles by your eyes. The way your lips are bright pink after you’ve kissed. The way you look down if they catch you staring at them.

They notice everything. The good. The bad.

But none of that matters because they’re in love with you. Everything about you makes their heart skip a beat and they cannot imagine anyone ever taking your spot in their heart.

It seems like just a fantasy that someone could one day feel that way about me.

Who decides who the lucky ones are? The ones who find their soul mates without all of the heartbreak in between? I wouldn’t say I’m a lucky one. In fact, I think you could say the opposite.

It doesn’t come easy. Love. You have to earn it, and yet, it seems people are always just taking the love I have to offer.

I’ll be waiting.

I’ll be waiting for that fateful day when one boy changes my mind about love forever. He’ll make me believe it is possible. Someone can feel that way about me. He’ll love the crinkles by my eyes when I smile. He’ll notice the color of my lips after we kiss. He’ll make me believe. 

All it takes is one person. To change the way you’ve always thought. To tear down the walls that have been put up after each heartbreak. To make everything seem perfect. Because everything will be perfect.

Maybe one day.

I’ll be waiting.

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