Maybe The One Who Helped You Through Your Breakup Is The Real Prince Charming


Remember that high school love that didn’t work out? The one that you lost sleep over and the one that almost killed you when it ended? Of course you do. The love that seemed to be right out of all the fairy tales you had grown up reading but ended worse than any of the endings of most tragic movies you had ever watched. The one that lead you to sleep on a completely tear drenched pillow, that seemed that it hadn’t been dry for weeks on end.

And while you were helpless and completely worthless, someone picked you up. They helped you, showed you your worth, and brought you back to life. What do you realize today? The one saving you is always more important the one that didn’t think twice when he tore you down. The next one after your ex is your real prince charming.

Because they’ve seen the worst side of you; they’ve wiped tears that they didn’t create. They’ve reached further to pick you up while you were at your rock bottom. They’ve stayed up nights to fix you and bring you back to a sane sleeping pattern. The silly teenager that you were back then didn’t see this. You were too busy believing that there’s just one love. You were looking for the one love over the shoulder of your real prince charming. You were looking too far back to realize that they were right in front of you.

Sometimes — more often than not — we fail to see how much someone really means to us because we’re living in the past or in a world far from reality. We’re young at the time and believe that there will be thousand more moments but that’s not always true. We’re living a fairy tale in our head but forget that we don’t even have a castle. We’re living in a concrete jungle in which getting lost is easy and life is really not as pretty as in the movies. It takes time, patience and learning lessons about ourselves to realize what we want from the bigger things in life like dreams and love.

When this dawns on us, we’re often miles, misunderstandings, and years away from the person that saved us. Some people let go and move on; some people think back about it from time to time and then there are some of us that decide to revisit the past.

You’ll both have been away. You’ll have moved on with your lives. You’ll be doing great things. Sure, you’ve met a lot of new people and they have, too. You’ll both are busy making something out of your lives but if you’re reading this and thinking of someone, maybe they’re thinking of you, too.

In this modern world, we’re taught to use our head over our heart. We often forget to use our heart for it is, it speaks to us but we fail to listen to it most of the times because we’re too busy being logical. Take a chance, make a call, pour your heart out because remember: what was meant to be will always be.

featured image – Shutterstock