Maybe Tough Love Is Actually The Best Love


Even before you feel it, you know it would be too hard. It is a battle between mind and heart, skin and bones, love and lies. You would do anything to shield yourself from pain and possible heartaches, but eventually, it would keep on knocking while waiting for your dear heart to open once more. The cracks and fragments would remind you of the abusive love, the almost love, the love that never bothers to care and you would realize this is tough. You have been through fighting wars and peeling of scars and you cannot endure the same thing again.

Then, you would meet someone who would make you see the beauty behind the darkness and the glow of lights in the dull moments. This love is difficult for you are afraid to try, your doubts will fill all the empty spaces and the hopelessness will invade and become a part of your nightmares. Indeed, you cannot call this love because of fear. Your heart will beat faster and the arms that you want to call your home will give you discomfort.

But darling, you have to remember that tough love may come, but it will certainly go. You have to hold tighter, do better, love harder because fear would surely vanish when you place your heart on your sleeves again. Do not hesitate to accept the love you know you deserve ever since. Because like you, they suffered so much from this cruel world, too. Give a shot and take the risk of loving despite the possibility of failing.

Love may be so tough but you are tougher. Let them know who you are and show them that big heart of yours so they can see how many spaces you can give to people around you. Gently open your feelings and love selflessly because that is who you are then. The right person would never leave and would never make such love so hard because they have seen your magic already. Hold on to them amidst the uncertainties. You are someone who can fight all the battles alone, do not be scared because you are lovable.

Someday, someone would get to see our wounds and imperfect curves but it would never be a reason to let love go away. Someone would patiently tend it with care and would make all the days as easy as breathing. Love is tough, but it can be the most flawless feeling to someone who has gone through difficulties. And because of this, you deserve something worth keeping than your fears.