Maybe We All Need Storms So We Can Learn To Find Safety Within Ourselves


Maybe we need a little rain to keep our heads high as we walk through it, live through it and learn how to dance in it. Maybe the sound of raindrops is exactly what we need to listen to our own voice clearly away from all the noise and have the courage to follow it. Have the courage to see where it leads us. Maybe we need to feel the rain on our skin so it can wash away our pain, our fears and cleanse our wounds and our scars. Cleanse our souls.

Maybe we need a little thunder to force us to find a warm home; a place to run to when we’re scared. A place to run to when we need shelter. A place where we can feel safe. A place where we can feel protected. A place where we can feel loved. 

Maybe we need storms to remind us of what’s missing in our lives or remind us that we have our own storms to take care of. Maybe we fear storms because they remind us of the void we still need to fill. Maybe we fear storms because we’re scared to face them alone. We’re scared we’re not going to find a shoulder to lean on or a home to go to when it’s time to lock ourselves in.

And sometimes storms remind us of the people who started a storm within us and left us alone. The ones who made it rain without giving us an umbrella. The ones who caused a fire in our hearts and never put it out. The ones who threw us alone in the cold without giving us anything to keep us warm.

But if there’s one thing I learned about storms, it’s that they bring so much clarity after they’re gone. They bring peace. They bring a renewed sense of faith. They bring some calm to the chaos. And maybe that’s why we need them in our lives. So we can come out a little wiser. So we can get an answer or two. So we can learn how to shelter ourselves from the unexpected twists of fate.

And maybe we all need storms to remind us that God will always be in control and he may bring things that we don’t understand or things that we are not prepared for but it’s also part of teaching us how to survive, how to be humble knowing that even on sunny days we can’t control the weather. Even the strongest of us will feel helpless in the face of a storm.

Or maybe it’s a matter of perspective, some of us will look at the storm and expect the worst or think the world is going to end and some will look at it as a cleansing method before the sun shines again. Some will look at it and look forward to who they’ll become after the storm is over. Who they’ll become after the rain has washed away their painful past. Who they’ll become after they’ve survived the worst of storms.

Maybe the universe keeps bringing us storms because it’s not done teaching us important lessons about mother nature or about ourselves.