Maybe We Are Just For Right Now


Maybe our paths crossed that day for all of this to unfold before us as it is right now – wildly and passionately. Perhaps we were meant to be in this very moment, studying the depths of each other’s eyes and not searching for a sense of meaning. Rather, finding satisfaction in knowing that we are both in this together.

It is almost comforting to know that you are not my forever. We both knew that this was never a sure thing. Yet, we still sit across from each other, sharing our favorite meal and smiling as if we were falling in love at this very second. It is almost beautiful. It is almost scarily beautiful knowing that you are not my forever. Our lives have too much living left within them and neither of us have a place that we would ever really fit into anyway.

However, I cannot fight the notion that this, in its own way, is meant to be. As pure and innocent as it is in this very moment.

To have you tilt your forehead onto mine and promise me that you are here with me is all that I need. To have you brush my lips with yours and remind me of the very fact that I am alive is more than enough to keep the blood pumping through my veins.

I was wrong. This is not almost scarily beautiful. This is definitely scary and this is most definitely beautiful. This is exactly where we are meant to be in this very moment.
Soon, I will be on my way and you will be on yours. I will walk one way and you will walk the other. I am not sure if I will ever look back and perhaps, neither will you. But it is more than enough for me to know that you are with me in this very moment. You are certainly not my past and unfortunately, you cannot be my future.

You are my everything, in nothing but my present.

This cannot be forever. We both know that by now. However, I hope that on the day that our paths do diverge, that you look at me with the same very light that you looked at me on the day that those paths first met. I hope that that soft smile still grazes your lips when you think of me. I hope that your nervous hands still tremble at the mention of my name. I hope that you remember me in this very moment as something that was meant for no time but right now.