Maybe We Need To Stop Being Reckless With Our Hearts


Maybe we need to take more time after we meet someone to determine if they truly care about us or if they’re just fooling us.

Maybe we shouldn’t believe people when they tell us they like us and wait for them to show us instead.

Maybe we shouldn’t try to find the one on dating apps swiping left or right. Maybe we need to stop trying so hard to reassure ourselves that we have options when all we need is one.

Maybe we need to stop playing games every time we like someone — maybe we need to start being ourselves instead of playing the same game everyone else is playing.

Maybe we need to treat our hearts better, maybe we need to respect our hearts more and maybe we need to start paying more attention to what it needs.

Maybe we need to stop lying to our hearts.

Lying about who we want, lying about our feelings, pretending to be okay with how someone else is breaking us or even worse, pretending that this is exactly what we want right now because we don’t want something deeper either.

Maybe we need to acknowledge that the heart doesn’t respond to anything that isn’t deep or passionate and it doesn’t beat for anyone but those who truly move it.

Because even on bad days, even when it’s broken, the heart still needs love.

And if you keep being reckless with your heart and playing with it, you will end up losing it and once you lose your heart, you lose yourself.

So you have to protect it next time, don’t give it away so easily, don’t let anyone in, don’t let people use it or take it for granted and don’t show anyone how fragile it really is.

Don’t give your heart to those who are heartless and don’t try to love someone who doesn’t want to be loved — because you’ll believe that your heart can change someone else’s heart, but sometimes that’s the most reckless thing you can ever do.

There’s a big difference between brave and reckless.

Your heart should be brave and open to love but only to those who are brave and open to embrace it — not the reckless ones who might accidentally crush it on their next adventure.