Maybe We’ll Fall In Love Again


Just like strangers on the sidewalk, locking eyes and smiling.

You’ll ask me for my name and if I’d like to grab coffee sometime. I’ll tell you that I would love to, and that I can’t take coffee but I’ll accept tea.

Maybe we’ll hit it off immediately.

Just like we did at the beginning, we’ll get to know each other.

I’ll learn that you like your coffee strong, and that you can only enjoy it properly with a dash of cinnamon powder. You then try to reach out for a piece of serviette for me, but I already have them prepared. Like I always do.

Maybe we’ll fall in love so soon. So instantly.

You’ll look into my eyes and ask if I’d like to go for a walk in the park nearby. We’ll talk about our favorite movies, our favorite songs, our favorite places to dine at, and you’d ask me if I would like to check them out soon.

Day in, day out.

We enjoy each others’ company, just like we always did.

Maybe you’ve made up your mind and I’ve made mine.

We’ll go back to the place where we both started. By the sidewalk, accompanied by the bustling sounds of the city. Locking eyes.

You’ll ask me if I’d like to take this further. I’ll try to be funny and ask if you’d like to take this to the street across. You’ll laugh, but I’ll know what you mean. Sharing smiles.

Maybe I’ll say yes to you.

Yes, yes, yes. Yes, we’ll go eat there. Yes, I’ll see you again. Yes, I’d like that. Yes, you’d enjoy that.

Yes… I love you.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll fall in love again.

Because we were meant to be together, just not now.

Maybe we’ll fall in love again three years in the future. Just like strangers on the sidewalk, locking eyes and smiling.