Maybe You Don’t See It Now, But Pain Always Brings A Necessary Lesson


The hard part about a lesson is that it is always the second act of pain. Only following the main act of the suffering and ache comes a valuable gift of growth. But first, you must endure all that the inflicted feelings have to offer.

You see, life is unfair in the sense that most important lessons are not delivered delicately. Life has no child lock, no bumper lanes. Rather, life is free like a bushfire. And sometimes life’s delivery is harsh and destructible, with your mind directly in its path.

But I don’t think a lesson would be that life changing if it came without any discomfort.

The memorable, character-defining moments happen when you work through the times that, in the moment, you thought you couldn’t handle. The times you felt like your whole world was crashing down. The times your emotions were pushed to the edge and felt uncontainable in every way. That’s the madness of pain that teaches you how to be stronger. 

As we know, there are different kinds of pain. Physical pain, of course, when you stub your toe, break a bone, or cut your arm. And then there is emotional pain. This can come from internal feelings or be caused by another being.

While physical pain might be more intense in the moment, it’s emotional pain that can hurt the longest.  But it’s how you shape that pain that turns it into an alternate energy.

You can choose to sulk and close yourself off in the hurt or you can choose to grow stronger and become better from this experience.

What have you learned? How have you grown?

When you can answer these questions, the lesson has taken shape. Your mind is already encrypting this information, the feelings, and the thoughts you are having and enabling how you will act in the future.

This lesson will be valuable. You may not use this lesson tomorrow or next week, but soon enough you will find yourself in a time where this lesson will be valuable.

The lesson that once came from pain, hurt, and shame.

The pain that you thought could bring you nothing but despair will teach you how to pave the way for a better tomorrow.