Maybe You Should Plan For The Unplanned


If there’s something we should be planning, it’s this. Nothing. Little surprises along the way are needed. Sometimes, without even expecting it, surprises can be that small push of motivation that influences you to go after what you want. You damn right deserve to grab every moment by the balls and build on this unique journey you call your life.

Now I’m not saying to leave your fate in the hands of impulsive spontaneity. As human beings, we’ve become accustomed to plan for that next move, that next step in your career, or what you’ll be packing for lunch this next week. It’s normal. But how about that random time you bumped into an old friend on the subway? Or that one epic night you had with friends that will remain eternally carved in the archival history of you? Feelings of warmth, a rush of your happy hormones flood your head as you think back to the fleeting moments.

Planning for the right moment is never easy. You just feel it. You feel it in your gut and you go for it. Whatever the outcome, you might even surprise yourself to find how much bravery and spunk you had to handle that situation. What’s a better feeling than that? Don’t let the mystery of what comes next hinder your progress. Good or bad surprise: make the best out of every experience.

You can handle the small, the life-changing, the minor, the mighty surprises that will come your way. You and I sure as hell know life won’t always feel comforting and secure. But I know you’ll own it like the badass you are. So, plan to be surprised. Surprise yourself more often by opening your mind and heart a little more. Surprise others with compassion and understanding. There is never too much to learn when every surprise grants an opportunity for growth.