Maybe Your Love Life Sucks Because Of You



This is the truth you probably don’t want to hear. Ever.


I’m not saying the guy who cheated on you is in any way, shape, or form valid; however, maybe there is a viable reason as to why he did what he did.


For as long as your love life has existed, you’ve went through some treacherous waters. You’ve dated probably every possible personality out there. From the abstract artist to the Broadway hopeful to the guy fresh out of medical school, you’ve seen it all. Nothing turns you away anymore. Well, maybe bad breath and a certain funk can.


Besides the point, you’ve been a very wide and open person. Completely accepting of others, their past, crazy interests and hobbies, etc. You even approach the person before they come to you and start the conversation. Yet, not one decides to stick.


No type of adhesion exists. Whether it be personal issues, conflicting schedules, or dishonesty, nothing ever seemed to work out for a consistent or long period of time.


You start asking everyone around you what could possibly be going on that you have never had a secure relationship. They all say the same thing. “It’s not you, it’s him”. “He’s a freak”. “He doesn’t see how special you are”. All that jazz.


What if someone actually had the guts to pick you apart and fix your flaws?

I’m not talking anything major; there’s no way to be perfect. Still, if you come across someone you’re willing to fight for, and there is something they don’t necessarily like about you or the people around you, would you change yourself to keep the other happy?


I think we need to work a bit harder to not only make ourselves happy and secure, but also relationships to work. It’s not just based on a feeling anymore. At times, you cannot be selfish, despite the lonesome routine.


As humans, we’re able to withstand a lot, especially for love. Yet, there still comes a time where we can only take so much hurt or pain or disliking. Miscommunication also further kills the potential of a future.


With all these things put in perspective, people start to look for something better. Maybe someone would provide more; someone who doesn’t have this quirk I cannot overlook. One thing doesn’t work out with someone, and suddenly you’re dumped over, what seemed to be, a fabulous lunch on a Thursday afternoon.


I know they say, “If someone truly loves you, they will accept you in your true form”. While I would like to believe that, I think in the end we all still strive for a depiction of who we deem perfect for our lives. It’s up to us if we’re wiling to take the brush and paint that picture ourselves or allow someone else to be the muse.