Maybe You’re Better As A Dream, Your Reality Is Not For Me


Maybe you’re better off distant, you’re better off far away because the closer you get, the uglier you look.

Maybe you’re better being my dream, the one that makes me believe in love, the one that makes me hope for tomorrow and the one that gives me something magical to fantasize about because when I actually touch you, my hands turn cold and when I learn how to love you, you push me away.

Maybe you’re better as an idea — as a muse.

Maybe you’re just all I need to write more, to fuel my passion and to create the most beautiful love story based on bits and pieces of you.

Because your reality stings and your whole hurts, because loving you burns and holding you makes me bleed.

Maybe you’re meant to be a step on the way not the final destination.

Because you’re beautiful as a dream, you’re beautiful when you’re out of reach, you’re beautiful when you’re not mine.

Because my dream doesn’t revolve around broken promises and empty words, my dream doesn’t revolve around small talks and awkward hellos, my dream doesn’t make me feel like it’s so hard to love me.

But my reality always gets in the way, it knocks me back down, it wakes me up every time I smile and it’s always trying to steal my dreams away from me.

And I want to keep you safe. I want to keep you unharmed, I don’t want reality to get to you, I don’t want reality to ruin you.

Because it seems that whenever you get close to reality, you live by its restrictions, by society, by plans, by rules and commonsense.

I want you to remain my escape from reality because if I lose you, I really have nowhere to go. If I lose you, I’ll lose my soul, I’ll lose my heart and I’ll lose the only dream that keeps me living.

So I hope you remain distant, I hope you remain a dream because as much as I wanted you to come true, I have a feeling you’ll turn into a nightmare and I’m not ready for the day when the thought of you scares me. I’m not ready to sleep at night and pray not to think about you.

Because you’re meant to be my dream, you’re meant to be that faint image in the back of my head, you’re meant to be the slow beat of my heart and you’re meant to be the only one who can’t hurt me and the only one who can’t break my heart because you never had it — because it was never yours.