Meet The Man Who “Made Love” To A Dolphin


San Francisco Weekly has interviewed Malcolm J. Brenner, the author of Wet Goddess, an autobiographical novel about a young man who has sex with a dolphin. He self-published the book and, unsurprisingly, it has ended relationships and gotten him fired from jobs. The origin of Brenner’s sexual interest in animals (he has also had sex with a dog) is his childhood raised according to the crazy teachings of Wilhelm Reich, the Austrian psychoanalyst infamous for sexually assaulting his patients.

Brenner says he had vaginal sex with the dolphin (in the blowhole is nasal sex, he says). He prefers to call it “making love,” though, as it was more than just sex to him. Brenner also reports that dolphins are into “a lot” of foreplay, and opines that having sex with a dolphin while dating a human does constitute cheating.

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