Meeting Someone When You Are Already With Someone Else


Sometimes it just happens: as random and as unexpected as Life sometimes have a way of interrupting your planned journey.

You are already in a relationship and like all relationships there are ups and downs, but you guys are already in it for years. Arguments occur but they get patched up and made up, sooner or later.

Then one day, you met this other person.

He was just there in your line of sight. You were not actively looking out for anybody. He was just there.

Your eyes locked and he smiled. You thought you smiled back.

His smile lingered in your memory. “Maybe he was just being polite,” you kept telling yourself. But there was definitely something in that moment.

That Moment.

Did you believe in Love at First Sight? Do you believe in that?

Maybe not, but that was definitely a Moment.

You and him caught each other’s eyes over the next hour. It is a public place after all. Smiles were surely exchanged.

And then finally, Fate intervened. She finally got pissed with all that subtlety. You guys managed a conversation.

He’s in a relationship too. A long term, committed one.

Inwardly you sighed a big breath of relief. That was just a flirtation. It happens. You put too much meaning into “moments.”

But he still continues to flirt with you. And you find yourself drawn to him. His eyes. His smile. That smile…

He then let slipped that he and his partner has a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. It can’t get more obvious than that. You have the same policy. Looks like it just going to be a one-off romp. DADT, two adults. Eyes wide open. That is how most Tragedies start.

It happened.

And then it happened again.

It was better than you expected.

Numbers were exchanged.

Then it felt like dating all over again: texting every day, albeit rules had to be set for timings. Even sexts.

He starts occupying most of your thoughts, and you start sharing more things with him rather than your own partner. But you wondered if he feels that same. Honestly, you doubt it. So why then does he still text you when you actively tried your darnest to ignore the urges? Why does he still say good night? What’s with the “xxx”-es?

Not like Life itself is not confusing enough.

Buying him small gifts made you happy. It was as if you are back to the giggly teenaged years.

He will be leaving the country soon anyway. This cannot last beyond these few weeks. To enjoy it now? Or…

He seemed happy with his partner. You were happy with yours, but are you happier with him? The paradox of feelings within you is confusing. You wonder…who is The One? Is there even such a thing?

Is it selfish to want happiness for yourself? Or should you grow up and think of the other people that are involved.

Be happy. Be yourself.