Melania Trump Just Liked A Tweet Roasting Her Relationship With Donald, So Maybe She Hates Him Too


Ever since Donald Trump’s election, people have been pretty worried about, well, just about everything. Will we lose our healthcare? Will we be part of WWIII? Will our friends and family members be deported? And, honestly, is Melania Trump OK?

Our new First Lady has been put under a magnifying glass from the second her husband took office, and what people found actually worried them. She looked incredibly unhappy most of the time, which made people speculate whether her marriage to Donald Trump was all that healthy.

But we might have proof now, and in the most Trump fashion ever, it’s because of a tweet. But it’s not what Melania said — it’s what she liked.

Is this a joke? A conspiracy? A cry for help? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

It was an especially strange move for her, considering the only ever tweet she’s ever liked before was one she wrote in 2012 when she started her account.

It didn’t take too long for Melania to unlike the tweet.

But by then, thousands of people across the Internet had already seen it, and they definitely had something to say about it.

There were speculations about how she could have liked it without noticing, but things just didn’t seem to add up.

You OK, Melania? RT this article if “no.”