Men Are the New Women: 8 Signs You’ve Given Up The Power In Your Relationship


In my humble opinion, I believe that in the year 2015, men are the new women. Point. Blank. Period. In this day and age when it comes to relationships, men have allowed women to walk all over them emotionally, mentally, and in certain extremes, physically. Men have given up on their manhood and their own happiness for what they perceive to be the greater good of their girlfriend or wife’s happiness. Below I’ve compiled a list of signs that I attribute to men who are no longer the leaders in their relationships.

1. You share a joint bank account with your spouse.

This is a big no-no in my book. If there is a bank account which was opened for the sole purpose of you both throwing in money to pay the bills, then I have no problem with this. But if every dime you make is accounted for in your relationship by your spouse? Then you, my friend, have no real freedom and the leash on you is tighter than you think.

2. You have to ask for permission to go out with your male friends.

No adult male should be asking anyone (especially his lover) if he could go out and hang out with his boys to do some male bonding. It is a sad reality that many men live in nowadays that has never made sense to me. The consequence of not going out is actually far more severe than just going out and having your girlfriend be mad at you for a few hours.

3. You’ve slept on the couch after an argument with your significant other.

I’ve never done this and I cannot comprehend how any man can actually do this. There is a saying out there that says you should never go to sleep being mad at your boyfriend or girlfriend, and I believe this notion. In my opinion if one does go to sleep with anger in their heart then they must deal with that anger sleeping in the SAME bed; none of this sleeping-on-the-couch horseshit. Any man who decides he’d rather have an uncomfortable night of rest on the couch just to appease his significant other is the very definition of p*ssy-whipped to me.

4. Your girlfriend or wife knows the password to your phone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email.

This needs no explanation. If you’ve allowed this to happen, then you do not wear the pants in your relationship.

5. You’ve had to cancel plans with your friends because she wanted to stay in for the night.

Changing or canceling plans because it would better suit your girlfriend’s needs is not a sign of strength. It is actually a sign of weakness, especially if you’ve been planning for weeks to spend some quality time with the squad. So it isn’t out of nowhere that she decides that it is best that you stay your happy ass at home. Women tend to do this deliberately just to let you know that they have the power. I honestly believe there can only be one captain on the ship (I obviously do not believe in the concept of 50/50 relationships), and if you allow your girlfriend or wife to take lead in the relationship and you follow? Then I say you best prepare for all of the emotional icebergs that are going to come your way.

6. You lose your male friends in exchange for hers.

So you’ve allowed her to push out all of your closest friends (the ones you grew up with), and now your best friends are other men who are also in relationships where they agree with everything their girlfriends say, all while carrying her purse and living up to her unrealistic demands.

7. You’ve worn matching outfits to any sporting or social events.

The goofiness of this is just so utterly ridiculous. As a guy, are you so in love that you happily accept being the caged lion in the zoo vs. the once virile young jungle cat you used to be? Any guy who wears matching jerseys, shirts with cute sayings, or themed costumes is teetering on the line of being p*ssy-whipped.

8. You’ve gone to the local CVS or Walgreens and purchased tampons.

You, my friend, are a lost cause. If you’ve gotten to this point and are actually comfortable with this transaction, then there is nothing to be said that can rectify the situation. Congratulation, sir—you are the Mayor of P*ssy-Whipped City.