Mercury Retrograde Is An Asshole For Trying To Bring You Back To Me


An army of familiar ghosts, with whom I have cut ties, all seem to feel it necessary to try to reach out to me now. At first, I thought it was just something in the water, but as it turns out, it was something in the sky.

Mercury retrograde is an asshole.

See, I’ve made a habit of blaming the planets for the shit storms that Life conjures up and sends my way. In case you haven’t heard, Mercury is retrograde. My mother says that Mercury retrograde has a tendency to bring people from your past back to you. She says that the planet makes people brave enough to reach out to the ones from their past who they should probably just leave there. For some reason, Mercury makes it difficult for people to keep walking forward, without glancing back over their shoulder repeatedly and giving in to the temptation of turning back to see who might still be around.

Unfortunately, I seem to be the one on people’s minds this time.

The hardest part of having your past come knocking on your door, is that sometimes, you have the overwhelming urge to answer; to fling the door open and embrace the train crash standing on your porch in a hug that they do not deserve. Mercury retrograde has a way of altering your perception of reality just enough for you to trust and let the wrong ones in.

Times like these are the ones in which the Universe tests our strength and helps us determine our ability to apply what we have learned from past experiences to the shit storms at hand. We need to stay true to ourselves, by continuing to enforce the decisions that we made to move on with our lives without certain people.

They say if you love something, let it go.

Well, I did my part.

Now do yours,

and stay the fuck away from me.