Millennial Is Not A Synonym For Mediocre


For some reason our generation loves to write about ourselves. Left and right, we write about ourselves, our intentions, struggles, passions and failures. Our generation is in a place of self-indulgence. I myself am guilty of this. Earlier this year, I stated that this year I am all about doing me and the things I feel passionate for, I even encouraged those around me to do the same.

So it’s clear to see that I too fall into the category of self-absorbed millennials, and I don’t mind it at all. But others do seem to care, and cannot help but continuously vocalize that our generation is nothing but self-obsessed and self-entitled. And for some reason, in their dictionary, that equates to being mediocre and under-achieving.

I disagree. I don’t believe that being a millennial is synonymous with being mediocre, and far from under-achieving. Our generation is the first of its kind. Each of us is a dream chaser. When someone tells us we can’t, we show them that we can do exactly that and so much more. We break societal norms; we are relentless with our pursuits and continuously work towards creating a better world.

I look around at my peers and see the incredible things they are doing with their time. Most of these individuals work an 8 to 5 job and/or are enrolled in higher education. However, each of them has such a rich life outside of those commitments. They are fulfilling their passions and dreams.

Some of these incredible individuals have started small businesses on the side, others have started blogs in which they share their knowledge and passion on a particular topic, some are world travelers, while others are volunteering in their community to create a positive change. Each of these people are a true testament to our generation, and the will to be anything but mediocre.

Our twenties are a time of unprecedented potential. We are capable of so much, and equipped with the all tools to do something extraordinary. So next time when an “adult” snubs you for being a millennial be sure to remind them that you and your peers are doing a whole heck of a lot more besides the bare minimum.

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