17 Flawless Mindy Kaling Tweets That Prove She Understands You More Than Anyone Else


1. When she summed up exactly how your love life works.

2. When she pointed out some of the frustrating ways that the media treats successful women.


3. When she summed up what you were thinking about that one friend. 


4. When she said this and it made you LOL, even if you don’t watch Mad Men.


5. This gem about real modern love.


6. Everything about this. 


7. When she made this point about the male species. 


8. When she finally helped you to understand the reason why you always subconsciously bring soy sauce packets home from restaurants. 


9. When she explained true friendship.


10. When she said this and you were overwhelmed with how badly you want her to be your BFF.


11. When she asked the question we’ve all wondered about before. 


12. When she articulated the overwhelmed feeling you have every time you walk into a Whole Foods. 


13. This truth about the terror of arriving to anything early.


14. When she understood how you felt about #TheDress.


15. When she made fun of the Cool Girl and it was everything.


16. When she explained what champagne should really be used for. 


17. THIS.