Minnesota Scumbag Jacked Off In His Coworker’s Coffee ‘For Months’ Because He ‘Wanted Her Attention’


The object of his ‘affections’ said her coffee had tasted bad for months but she’d simply chalked it up to spoiled milk. However, that changed last week when the victim, an employee at a New Brighton, Minnesota hardware store walked in on the maintenance man hovering over her desk with his junk in his hands and saw a “stinky liquid was dripping from her desk onto the floor.”

That man, 34-year-old Robert John Lind, has since admitted to depositing “several genital emissions in the woman’s coffee mug and onto her desk.”

The reason for this disgusting act? He wanted her to like him.

He knew his behavior was “gross and wrong,” he told police. He said he was attracted to the woman and wanted to get her attention.

She will never like him.

h/t New York Daily