‘Miracle Workers’ Is A Hilarious New Sitcom For Fans Of ‘The Good Place’


Miracle Workers is a hilarious new sitcom about angels, God, and the (seemingly) doomed fate of the human race. It stars Steve Buscemi as a disgruntled, lazy, bored deity who is sick of dealing with Earth since it’s such a mess down there.

He threatens to blow up the whole planet — unless Daniel Radcliffe and Geraldine Viswanathan’s characters can succeed in answering an impossible prayer (which involves two humans kissing).

Miracle Workers airs on TBS and is available to watch on Hulu or YouTube. Even though the first episode only aired on February 12, people are already raving about the series which has The Good Place vibes.

In case you live under a rock, The Good Place is about a group of new friends in the afterlife who struggle to turn into better people. Like The Good Place, Miracle Workers has a talented, star-studded cast, discusses big issues in a humorous way, and is funny enough to make you laugh aloud at your laptop.

The show is already blowing up across Twitter:

The show seems to have a lot of promise. In the first episode alone, there are a lot of dark laughs about how self-destructive the human race has become. There are also moments that will make you think about how one seemingly good deed can have unintended consequences.

Here is a trailer so you can get a taste of the humor: