Modern Feminism Deserves A Much Needed Makeover


Feminism is all about establishing equal rights for women. More simply, it’s about respect. Unfortunately, the modern feminist relies on the premise that women are weak and thus need a support group of other (weak) women to form a formidable adversary to men. This version of modern feminism will never achieve equal rights for women because it operates under the assumption that women are, in some fashion, lesser than men.

How about modern feminists start respecting women as strong individuals?

Feminism needs a facelift (as long as it’s the non-objectifying kind). But, before any modern feminists reading this start to label me as sexist for making such a suggestion, allow me to make a few points.

First, feminism needs more effective (and sexier) leaders. Modern feminists—or at least the ones who advocate on the media—tend to be the loudest, most argumentative, and standoffish women that walk the earth. They also tend to have bad hair. If everything in this world depends on marketing, for the sake of god, improve the image of modern feminists in the media.
For starters, look toward the evil male counterparts and take lessons on how they select leaders.

For example, political icons such as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are soft spoken, attractive, and overall respectful people. Now consider Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. They are abrasive, look strange, and have annoying personalities. Alas, I know, I know, women are held to a double standard—which leads me to my second point.

Women and men are not inherently equal; however, this does not mean that women do not deserve equal rights. There are some jobs and activities better suited for men and other jobs and activities better suited for women. That’s a fact. If a modern feminist out there disagrees, then find a man who wants to respects you for who you are, but don’t force every other man to care. And please, please, please, stop being offended when nobody cares. Remember, you can only be offended if you permit yourself to be offended.

Third, stop whining. Nobody likes a finger-pointing, blame-shifting gender neutral b***, so stop acting like one. If modern feminists will start turning excuses into solutions, then women will be better served for it. Consider the business world (because modern feminists can only consider a working woman). In any workplace environment, the valuable individuals are the ones who identify positive solutions instead of focusing on negative problems.

Perhaps these solutions cannot be found because feminism lacks diversity. Modern feminists need to recruit some conservatives, stay-at-home moms, and intellectuals. When did Rosie the Riveter become the bitter, man-hating ex-wife? The movement to achieve equality for women is not a Democrats only club, a professionals only club, or even a females only club; it should be open to everyone—including men—who genuinely cares about respecting women.