Modern Lovers Never Mean What They Say


I wonder what went through your mind;

when you made me feel like you wanted me so bad,
when you held me so tight from behind,
when you pulled me closer as the song slowed down,
when you kissed me so roughly yet so passionately,
when your hands reached down to my butt cheeks,
when I felt you under my shirt,
when you cupped my breast so softly like it was meant for you,
when you whispered in my ears… that I was gorgeous and you’d want to see me again.

I wonder if your girlfriend ever crossed your mind when we did this. I can’t say for you that she had crossed your mind, but she definitely crossed mine after I found out about her existence.

I may not know about the relationship you have with her, but I am pretty sure there were solid promises involved.
The typical I will never look at other girls,
the you’re more than enough for me,
the I will do whatever it takes to win your heart,
the I am not the “typical” guy promises,
the I love you,
and… the I cannot afford to lose you so don’t ever leave me promise.

If promises are so easily broken, then why make them?

I am unashamed to say that I actually want a solid relationship, but meeting countless guys like this just makes me think twice about wanting a relationship.

I mean who doesn’t want to have someone that understands them and are as awesome as they are? However, if it is for a person that breaks their promises, I’d rather save a piece of my heart for someone that actually deserves it.

No doubt it is so tough to find a decent person now compared to the 90s. It seems like the decent people are either taken or they’re probably hiding out. I mean how difficult is it to find someone that loves you the way you love them? I’d say it is pretty out of the world difficult, but you know what? In the end, it will all be worth it. I mean just imagine the uncontainable love you’d receive and the feeling of not having to doubt each other’s loyalty. I’d say it’s pretty darn cool.

So why not just keep your words to yourself then, if it is easier to break your promise rather than keep it.