Mommy Blogger Found Guilty Of Poisoning Her 5-Year-Old Son For Website Traffic


The internet is now a numbers game. It’s been so ever since content became the new way to make money online. This mommy blogger took her pursuit of traffic one step too high.

Garnett Paul-Spears, 5-year-old toddler, was found to have a lethal amount of sodium in his body. Doctors could not explain the spike. The boy’s life was rife with medical problems: severe ear infections, high fevers, seizures, and digestive problems.

Authorities believe that they have an explanation as to why the 5-year-old died.

Lacey Spears, 26-year-old mother of Garnett Paul-Spears, was diagnosed with Munchausen syndrome, “which is is a psychiatric factitious disorder wherein those affected feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma to draw attention, sympathy, or reassurance to themselves.” Authorities believe that she fed her son salt to gain sympathy from her readers. She also “fabricated an elaborate backstory regarding his paternity.”

According to District Attorney Doreen Lloyd:

This mother was intentionally feeding her son salt in toxic levels. This defendant researched, planned and executed her crime against her own son in a wanton and depraved manner.

Spears reportedly asked her neighbor for help in disposing of a bag, which was later revealed to contain high amounts of sodium.

She has pled not guilty. If convicted, Spears could face a maximum sentence of 25 years to life.

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h/t RawStory