Money Is The Root Of All Happiness


Lately, I found myself caught in between the social ethics of whether money is the root of all evil.

Or is it the root of all happiness?

I look around me, and wonder “how on earth does anyone be remotely happy without money?”

I’m guessing that the first thought that pops into our heads is monks.

Monks, whom we all believe to isolate themselves from the world and all material possessions in seek of innate peace and solitude and doing good.

Now unless you’re telling me that the land, the temple, the furniture and the statues are handmade, are you sure they are all not bought?

Most of us, I mean the 20 somethings who are struggling with financial burdens, be it the lack of allowance, or the consistent running out of money, we find ourselves cooping up at home in the hopes that the bank balance would remain the same and not decrease.

Yet, money is seeping out from everywhere while we’re at home, just that we’re not wearing the financial spectacles of where the money is going.

The computer electricity, the wireless subscription, modem electricity, water and utilities bill, the oil when we cook …

These are just some of the simple things where our parents are bearing the financial brunt of our idea of saving money.

Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness didn’t know where to shop – Blair Waldof
Now, is she wrong?

If you knew where to shop, you would be able to get yourself the best goods at the best price, assuming that the best goods refers to necessities ie refrigerator, bed, mattresses, wardrobes.

I spent my college days reading up and arguing about how money is the root of all evil and I’ve always been battling with the questionability of this concept.
I mean, who said this?!

So now I’m feeling really sour about money because I am currently a really broke student, who wants to get married in, possibly the next 5 years, and by then secure an apartment BUT not being able to do so because guess what, money isn’t enough and I haven’t started saving.

To all my fellow broke 20 somethings, let us all mourn over our lack of money and continue living in financial blindness till our parents throw us out, but in the meantime, try to work a little harder, put some of that screaming-to-be spent cash into the bank and perhaps one find day, when money no longer is an issue ….

Oh wait, unless I’m a celebrity, I will possibly be nowhere near even saying ‘I have enough money’.

I always knew this life was sad.

In conclusion, money is the damn root of all happiness.